Program Committee

These are the people that make it all happen.


Thomas Seager, Arizona State

ISSST2019 Program co-Chairs

Jeremiah Johnson, North Carolina State
Lise Laurin, EarthShift Global
Daniel Posen, University of Toronto

Finance Chair

Jeremy Gregory, MIT

Poster Session Co-chairs

Derrick Carlson, NETL
Brandon Kuczenski, UC Santa Barbara

Event Management

Beth Shafer, Current Events Co

Website and Digital Management

Adam Lang, Adhoc
Alexandre Milovanoff, University of Toronto

Buildings and Infrastructure

Jeremy Gregory, MIT

Evaluation of Emerging Technologies

Joule Bergerson, University of Calgary
Stefano Cucurachi, University of Leiden
Marcelle McManus, University of Bath

Food-Energy-Water Nexus Systems

Yuan Yao, North Carolina State University
Shweta Singh, Purdue University
Weiwei Mo, University of New Hampshire

Energy & Sustainability

Environmental Impact of Energy Systems
Geoffrey Lewis, University of Michigan
Jeremiah Johnson, North Carolina State University
Energy in the Global South
Paulina Jaramillo, Carnegie Mellon University
Nathan Williams, Carnegie Mellon University

Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Systems

Rebecca Hanes, NREL
Dr. Sachin Jadhao,  Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Open Communication of Methods, Data & Results

Brandon Kuczenski, UCSB

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