Call for Contributions to ISSST2020
ISSST is the longest-running research conference at the intersection of technology systems and sustainability.  We are an international community of engineers, scientists, professionals, and educators, sharing cutting-edge knowledge and forming interdisciplinary teams for future collaboration. Participants are invited to submit abstracts for presentations, posters, papers, panels, workshops, tutorials, or other activities describing/discussing research, applications, tools, case studies, practices and experience on any of the following topics.
LCA and the Future 
  • Integrated economic-environmental analysis (e.g., techno-economic assessment, market modeling) (Chairs: Hanna Breunig; TBD)
  • Methods for emerging and alternative technology assessment (Chair: Joule Bergerson, University of Calgary; TBD)
  • Circular Economy Principles and Practice (Chairs: Kiara Winans; Hanna Breunig, UC Berkeley Labs)
Computational Tools for Sustainability 
  • Data analytics, open data, and machine learning (Chair: Brandon Kuczenski)
  • Frontiers in uncertainty, scenario, and sensitivity analysis (Chair: Dwarak Triplican Ravikumar – University of Michigan)
  • Spatio-temporal resolution in environmental assessment 
Buildings, Infrastructure Systems, and the Environment 
  • Net Zero and Negative Carbon Technologies/systems (Chair: Michael Craig – University of Michigan)
  • Energy and/or sustainability in the Global South (Chairs: Paulina Jaramillo – CMU, Nathan Williams – CMU, Chibulu Luo – University of Toronto)
  • Resilient Socio-Technical Systems (Chair: Susan Clarke – SUNY Buffalo)
  • Critical Interdependent Infrastructure System (Chair: Weiwei Mo – University of New Hampshire, Quanyan Zhu – New York University)
  • LCA at urban and infrastructure scales (Chair: Jeremy Gregory – MIT)
  • Energy Systems (Chair: Geoff Lewis – University of Michigan)
  • Food-Energy-Water Nexus
  • Sustainable transportation systems
Sense-Making and Innovations in Interpretation
  • Social dimensions of sustainability (Chairs: Julie Chen – CMU)
  • Advances in normalization and weighting (Chair: Valentina Prado – Universidad de los Andes,  Colombia & Earthshift Global)
  • Stakeholder engagement, and deliberative decision-making 
  • Sensitivity to boundaries, functional units in LCA, consequential LCA
  • Policy, management & regulation
  • Handprint analysis and sustainability positives
Calls for Creativity 
  • Interdisciplinary studies

    • Sustainable technology and human behavior/human factors
    • Ecosystem Services
    • Sustainability, arts, & humanities
  • Novel education strategies for sustainability
  • New and untested ideas; next generation sustainability solutions
  • Tutorials on novel techniques and methods for knowledge production, sharing, and integration
  • Innovations in industry inspired by sustainability
Students are especially encouraged to attend and to participate in student paper and poster competitions with monetary awards, judged by leading academics and researchers.  Submit descriptions of your contribution at the following link

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